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One Hundred’s genesis is in Portugal, and you’re invited to take part on a journey across the Douro region, exploring landscapes and unequal locations which make this race truly one of a kind.

At One Hundred, we focus on organising more than just mountain trail running events. We focus on creating unique experiences, both by the course and difficulty throughout.

Furthermore, we’re bringing into our races the value for the main requisites for success in the sport: the mountain and the athletes. Preserving nature and rewarding those who dedicate themselves to the sport is our motto, and we’re guided by it.

How It All Started


The race kickstarts from Cais de Gaia, more specifically from the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar, with a historic and rich cultural scenery, made from the cities of Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto.

Picking this spot wasn’t random. We’ve started with high expectations and want to continue to surprise along the 100 miles which this journey is made of. We’re starting off from one of the largest urban centres in Portugal, heading to the interior, towards the mountain.

The Douro Region


A mesmerising river in all of its length, from its mouth to the Alto Douro.

The first dozens of kilometres run along its margins, and it’s with increasing difficulty that we head forth towards an opportunity to know trails which are still barely explored, until we reach the county of Castelo de Paiva.

Castelo de Paiva and Arouca


Running into Castelo de Paiva opens doors to a new race: the 100 kilometres. From here, the trails are shared by yet another group of athletes with the same goal: to reach Cinfães.

We head to Espiunca and the next step is to explore the Paiva River and its iconic footbridges. A breath-taking scenery for Saturday’s dawn. The true challenge at this point is to not let yourself get lost in such beauty, and carry on with your quest to conquer the legendary hills of S. Pedro do Campo.

S. Pedro do Campo


Already in Cinfães territory but still with much to explore. On the horizon lies the whole valley of the Bestança River, and Marão right beyond.

The next kilometres take you to visit the ruins of an ancient village and to the Wolframium mines. Here, nature is in an untouched and green state, and is only interrupted with the birds’ singing.

Serra de Montemuro


The challenge takes you to the historic villages scattered across Serra de Montemuro, where the Cinfães spirit is lived in a genuine and raw way. An authentic welcome card that begs to be visited again.

Heading to Cinfães


We couldn’t end the race without exploring part of the Bestança valley, considered one of the least polluted rivers in Europe.

A valley which several associations aim to preserve, and maintain untouched and free of industrial intervention. It is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons to visit Cinfães and, unquestionably, priceless patrimony.

Finally, The Finish Line!

Cinfães if the town which welcomes us on what is the first edition of the One Hundred Wolrd Championship, and it’s with great honour that we highlight one of the main races on this competition, which qualifies for the grand finale in Gran Sasso, Italy.

See you in Cinfães!

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