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By registering for one of our One Hundred® events, each runner agees to:

  1. State any information relative to the use of a prescription subject to a Therapeutic Use Exemption to the organization by email:
    Sportsmen and women can be ill or present conditions which require the taking of particular medicines. When the medication taken with the aim of treating an illness or particular condition appears of on the list of banned substances, a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) can allow this sportsperson to take this required medication.
    For more information:
    This information is to be given as soon as possible in case of a TUE requested or previously obtained. If not, it must be given no later than the 8th day following the request for a TUE and definitely before the start of the race.
  2. To accept all requests for urine and/or blood and/or capillary samples and analyses related to the requests made by the Organisation’s Medical Counsel, while understanding that any expenses inherent to the realisation of these samples and the associated analyses are the Organisation’s direct responsibility.
  3. To agree to answer all summons which the Organisation’s Medical Counsel may send you on the basis of the medical information concerning you so as to discuss your capacity, or not, to participate in the race for which you are registered. At the end of the interview, the Medical Counsel can advise the race jury about whether the runner should be excluded from the race, or not, due to a medical reason.

For all information concerning the fight against doping, we invite you to consult :

The website of the World Anti-Doping Agency (AMA)



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